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January 12, 2022


Lead generation website solutions are the number one priority for marketers. 

That goal fits neatly with the biggest priority for CEOs — organic growth

As a result, even the most prominent marketing companies like Facebook are tuned to the need for lead generation. 

Whoever is in charge of lead generation for your business would do well to look into beefing up your existing website or creating a new one to take advantage of this essential marketing component. 

We hope to provide valuable instructions on finding lead generation website solutions in this article. 

We’ll show you tips on designing a lead generation website, fine-tune your framework, and demonstrate how a lead generation website can provide the results you need. 

What Is A Lead Generation Website?

A lead generation website is primarily for converting traffic into leads. 

‘Traditional’ websites are like digital brochures for your business. They certainly have their uses, but a lead generation website can be much more than that. 

A lead generation website provides detailed, valuable information to visitors. It offers them opportunities to learn more about solutions to their problems, a more comprehensive approach. 

A lead generation website is only one step for each visitor’s journey but essential for most businesses. 

The great thing about this category of website design is it never stops working for you. Every moment the site is active, it has the potential to funnel visitors towards your bottom line. 

Any company that can turn their ‘brochure’ style website into a lead generation website has the potential for serious growth. 

Core Features to Include

Many tips and tricks are available to formulate and improve your website. But there are also core fundamentals that should be present in almost every design. 

The following are some of the top elements any successful lead generation website should have.

A Solid Foundation

First impressions are tough to change. If the look of your website isn’t professional, fully functional, and modern, then you’re likely making things more difficult for yourself. 

Functionality means correcting problems with load time, responsiveness, and user-friendliness before you go live, as well as repairing as soon as they crop up. 

Cookie-cutter or lackluster website designs may be faster to set up, but it may suggest that you’re not willing to invest much in your own company. 

If so, then why would a visitor want to invest in you?

Easy Contact

Once your website functions optimally, it’s vital to ensure that visitors can easily contact you. 

Visitors shouldn’t have to go searching for a method to connect. Each second they hunt for that link is a second more likely for them to abandon the relationship. 

Have an obvious contact link at the top of your page at the navigation bar (also called the navbar). Also, include a contact link at the bottom (footer) of the page and perhaps one along a sidebar. 

A well-crafted Call To Action (CTA) within the content itself is essential to connecting with a visitor and generating a lead. 


Hitting your potential customers with hard-sell tactics from the get-go works to some degree. But a welcoming approach can be a much more engaging process. 

Initial traffic to your lead generation website won’t realistically be at the purchase decision point. More likely, they’ll be in the exploratory phase, checking out your value and information. 

Showing your company, what you’re about, and providing them with valuable information for solving their problems should be the priority. This approach goes a long way to earning the trust of your traffic and ushering them towards becoming a lead. 

Testimonials, Seals Of Approval, And Awards

Robust tools for any website — testimonials, seals of approval, and awards can go a long way to prove that you have the reputation and experience to get the job done. 

Certifications from accredited organizations and partnerships with others in your field of expertise can also be beneficial. Name recognition can improve the effectiveness of these tools if you can manage the connection with a known resource. 

Let the people know how great you are, and prove it to them.

Testing, 1…2…3

Even with a supreme amount of confidence in your designs, it’s prudent to test out your theories and see if they’re generating the results you expected. Finding weak spots in any web design is fundamental to a successful campaign. 

Bonus Tip: Create A Lead Generation Campaign

To efficiently employ any lead-generating tool, whether it’s your website or not, having an overall strategy in place before you start is a good idea. 

Creating a lead generation campaign can clarify your objectives, target audience, and channels you plan to use. 

During the testing process mentioned above, you can also uncover if your objectives are being met. A refinement of your website design, large or subtle, can create big improvements in objectives and lead generation. 

Great Examples

PolicyGenius.com is an excellent overall example of a lead generation website.

  • The overall design isn’t cluttered with too much information 
  • The purpose of the company: “Shop the market and save on insurance” is front and center as soon as you land on the main page
  • Easy connections to whatever area of insurance the visitor is interested in
  • Includes several highly recognizable insurance company logos 
  • Seal of approval and rating accreditation immediately under their pitch
  • Scrolling down reinforces the first impressions on the upper page
  • Accented with friendly, professional imagery

LendingTree.com has many services to offer. So how do you introduce all of them into a single lead generation website? They’ve done a really good job of this.

  • All six major services are laid out in front of the visitor at the center
  • What does Lending Tree do? The answer is also centered: “Shop and compare everything. Even loans.”
  • Contact options, including a 1-800 number at the navbar, are peppered throughout the page
  • A clean, streamlined appearance. No hunting for information needed


To create a great lead generation website, you need the expertise and passion that Kaleidico places in everything we do. 

You may be perfectly passionate and capable about launching the best website for lead generation possible, but do you have the time? We do. 

Contact us to schedule a discovery meeting and learn how our 15+ years of excellence can give you a competitive advantage online and on the bottom line.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

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